2019 Proposed Bylaw Changes:

The Bylaws Committee has proposed four changes as the first update to the bylaws since they were adopted in August 2008.
The four proposals are listed with the rational detailed after the new proposed language.
The original bylaws are posted at https://www.sacrab.org/bylaw.html
posted 1/10/2019 here and at 1725 K St, Sacramento, CA 95811

Statements of Rational from the Bylaws Committee:

Proposal 1: Artlcle 5 Membership
What: Changes membership definitions to include those who live in RAD properties. Removes the title and restraints on the Representative Panel and allows more tenant input from communities without committees at our meetings. Renumbers remaining sections.

Why: This is why the committee was called in the first place.
As SHRA transitions from Conventional Housing to RAD we must continue to treat the residents as if there was no change. This is required in the HUD regulations that created the RAD program. Although they will have vouchers and there will be no 'Capitol Fund', representation and opportunity must continue as before.

The current language would prohibit all those whose property converts to RAD from being elected to the executive committee.

In the process, we have removed the title and requirements for the Representative Panel. The Representative Panel was an expensive method to deal with under-representation of communities without resident committees. But, how do you hold an election for a community that will not meet? We replaced that section with a sentence that provides inclusion if someone from the community attends a meeting. This invites more input from the individual.

Proposal 2: Article 6.5 Notice of meetings
What: Changes the notification requirements for meetings

Why: This is a change to acknowledge the fact that we have a USPS mail permit and can send the notice of our quarterly meeting to all residents via the newsletter.

Proposal 3: Article 7 Executive Officers
What: We relaxed the requirements just a bit on being elected to the executive committee.

Why: This was in response to an outside complaint that it might be too hard to get elected to the committee.

Proposal 4: Article 9.2 Banking
What: These are regulatory changes to accommodate laws like 'Check 21' passed by Congress and permits the use of state-chartered banks along with technology changes like auto-pay on our internet and on-line payments to make purchases from companies like Amazon.

Why: Federal regulation of the banking industry has changed since we first incorporated. This proposal brings our bylaws in line with current banking laws. We also may wish to use a state-chartered bank or financial institution as opposed to only federally chartered banks and institutions. This opens the door to shopping more locations for the highest rate of return on our investment dollars. The third change to this section acknowledges the technological advances that have taken place in our society where we now can make purchases and payments on-line. Entering a PIN will be viewed the same as a signature or electronic signature.
updated 1/11/2019

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