The SchoolBook Scholarship Program

In the fall of 2008 the Sacramento Resident Advisory Board (SRAB) started a scholarship program at the request of a tenant at Sierra Vista. We decided to create a fund to award $200.00 exclusively for books for any tenant returning to college. Such a program meets the requirements of a self-sufficiency program that could be funded with SRAB dollars. Thus we spent our first $200.00 that year.

We advertised the program and in 2009 we spent $1789.49 on books and in 2010, $2121.40. With continued announcements we gave out $2457.04 in 2011 then in 2012 $2943.57. We put a notice of the scholarship in the January 2013 Tenant Focus and exceeded our funding. The budget was $4000 and the requests were $5939.82 which were met a budget amendment to cover the demand.

In 2014, with budget constraints (our funding was cut by approximately $7000.00) we were fairly quiet about the scholarship yet the demand still exceeded our abilities. The budget was only $3500.00 and with returns and refunds of $245.46 by the cutoff date, we paid out $3810.53 going $65 over budget. We were forced to turn away nine applicants.

SRAB has now created an exciting partnership with the Sacramento City College Foundation (SCCF) to provide an efficient process for awarding competitive scholarships. SCCF is the non-profit arm of Sacramento City College and provides educational opportunities to a diverse student population. Along with SRAB, they believe that a trained and educated workforce will change lives and ultimately strengthen the community. Most of all, we both want to provide funds that will really help students succeed. Donations to SCCF and/or SRAB Scholarship Fund are an investment in the future and SCCF partnering with the SRAB will enhance how students living in public housing can access funds for attending community college.

Currently to qualify for up to a $500 award, students must have completed 12 units, live in housing served by SRAB, provide a current address, phone number, student ID, email address, and apply January through March.

Applications are available for Sacramento City College students online at Awards will be given through the standard scholarship process at the college.

If you are not a Sac City College student applications are available at the link below submit your completed application to SRAB, 1725 K Street #101, Sacramento, CA 95811 before March 1st. Available awards will be given at the end of March.

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