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Community Fund Raising

Capitol Terrace

Our committee is always looking for a way to earn a few dollars to supplement our events. The committee had a dozen Coca-Colas left after an event. We decided to sell them for 50 cents each, and then use the $6.00 to buy more.

The Coca-Cola machine in the lobby charges 60 cents, so getting sales was not hard. Winco had Pepsi on sale at $5.89 for the 24 pack so with crv and taxes we went in the hole $1.31 and got them. Actually, I got my $1.31 after we sold three.

The next day we started with 19 cents and 21 Pepsis. Two weeks later when I went to Winco for my groceries I took the $8.00 from the 'Soda kitty' and picked up another 24 pack. Now we had 78 cents and 29 cans of Pepsi. Two weeks later we had run out of Pepsi, but we had $15.28 so I spent $14.62 and got a case of Pepsi and a case of Mt. Dew.

We also began to get requests for 7-up, root beer, and diet soda. So with $20.66 in hand (there were eight sodas in the fridge) off to Winco I went. Now I am looking for value and flavors. I discover Shasta at $1.97 for a box of 12 or $2.61 with tax and crv. I came back with 8 boxes and the kitty owed me 22 cents. By the end of the day I was paid and we had 100 cans plus $1.78 The Shasta cola did not sell well but the others have. The favorites are black cherry and diet root beer. Maybe if we got rid of all the Pepsi it would do better, but; we are driven by the market forces. We added candy, then chips, now ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches.

The average trip to Winco and 99cent Only Stores takes 50.00 to $70.00 now. We have 15 flavors of soda, 20+ kinds of candy and a choice of ten in ice creams. There are about 100 cans in the fridge and 400 more in stock, about 450 candy bars in stock and close to 150 ice creams.

When I take the change to the bank there is usually $75.00 in coin and we always keep $100.00 on hand in the kitty to go buy more.

This all started after Joe Gately cut off the money from Coca-Cola and CoinMach.
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SMUD Programs Offer a Helping Hand

Energy Assistance Program Rate

SMUD offers eligible low-income customers a monthly discount on their electric bill. Customers could save more than 30 percent on their total monthly bill.
Call 1-866-675-6624.

Medical Equipment Discount

If you or a full-time resident of your household uses an electrically powered device for medical reasons, you may be eligible to save more than 30% on your monthly SMUD bill with SMUD's Medical Equipment Discount (MED) Rate.

FREE Weatherization

If you qualify for the energy Assistance Program, you may also qualify to have your home or apartment weatherized at no cost to you. SMUD's weatherization measures may lower your energy usage and help save you money of your SMUD bill.

FREE Refrigerator Replacement

Qualifying for the energy Assistance Program may also qualify you to have your old refrigerator replaced with a free energy-efficient model. A new refrigerator is another way to help you save energy in your home and money on your electric bill.

For more information: 1-888-742-SMUD (7683)
A Not-For-Profit Electric Utility

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Resident Advisory Board


(916) 443-5547
1725 K Street, # 101, Sacramento, CA 95811

The Tenant Focus is published quarterly.
G R Morgan, Editor

In This Issue:

Community Fund Raising
SMUD Programs
Calendar of events
The RAB goes on tour
Picnic Planned
PHA Plan Review
Community Highlight

Calendar of events

NoMail6-07.gif We have posted meeting times for Committees on our site Follow the link to Google Calendars.

The next Quarterly meeting for the RAB will be 1:30 pm August 27, 2007 at the Comstock Apartments Dinning room 1725 K Street Sacramento, CA 95814.
Agenda items should be submitted by August 10th.

The Executive Committee meets each Wednesday 11:00 am except in July.

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The RAB goes on tour


By Gale Morgan, Webmaster
SHRA announced their OPEN HOUSE to be held Thursday, April 26, 2007. It sounded like a good idea. With only seventeen stops there should be plenty of time to visit.

First we planned out the stops in travel order, then looked at the open hours, then started the process again. Each community set their own hours, none thinking about what it would take to visit all seventeen locations. If we visited in the order of their opening hours we would cross Sacramento five times. With a little help from® we finally got a route set. They say anticipation is half of the enjoyment of a vacation, and we had lots of anticipation!

With a route and travel times in hand we wrote out a trip chart. The greatest surprise, we could only spend twelve minutes at each community's open house and lunch would wait till after 1:00pm. The balance of the time would be driving!

Thursday morning came; I picked up a few things at the office at 8:30am. Then picked up Carol and headed for Coloma Road, our first stop. Arnold and Rebecca were to meet us along the way. We arrived at the first stop two minutes early and stayed within a ten minute margin of the schedule for the twelve scheduled stops.

We bumped lunch out to 1:45pm. Then added the two offices on I Street where the last five communities are managed.

A busy day, indeed, but well worth the effort. We slept well that night and showed signs of exertions for several days. Would I do it again?
Not this week, but; yes.

Travel well and prosper.

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Picnic planned

Carol and a team of volunteers are planning a picnic for the tenants of the SHRA Conventional Housing program. This is a big project and there are many things to be done. The picnic will be for people of all ages so the team must plan activities and events for the young and the old.

"We still need many more people to volunteer as there is so much that needs to be done!" said Carol at a recent gathering. Those interested in helping should call the RAB office and leave a message for Carol. (916) 443-5547.

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Your Community Highlight

The Newsletter has been published in seventeen versions this quarter, one for each community.


Alder Grove

Buena Vista

Gold Ridge


Marina Vista

Meadow Commons

Midtown Manor

Mt. Ash Commons


Oak Park

Point Lagoon


Rio Garden

Sun River

The Mill

Twin Rivers


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PHA Plan review

SHRA is getting ready to present next years PHA Plan.

This is the set of rules that govern how people get into conventional housing and what things will get you removed from the program. The 'Plan' defines the responsibilities of each party.

Every year they present changes to the Housing Commission for approval. The RAB works with SHRA to present the Plan to the tenants and get input before it goes to the commission.

Watch for dates in our next newsletter.

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Advertisement from SHRA



  • We offer 1 & 2 year paid employment while you gain experience in our Paint, Custodial or Clerical Programs;
    Immediate openings in Paint and Custodial

The Sacramento Housing & Redevelopment Agency

Training Program is accepting applications for positions in all three programs.

Applicants Must:

  • Be a SHRA Resident in Public Housing.
  • Have a Valid Driver’s License (for custodial or paint) or current CA. ID (for clerical).
  • Have no felonies (Applicants must pass a background check

Pick up an application at:

  • SHRA Building – 701 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
  • 240 Seavey Circle, Sacramento, CA 95818
  • 321 Eliza Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
  • 816 Revere, Sacramento, CA 95818
  • 1725 K St., Sacramento, CA 95811 – Midtown Manor Site Manager’s Office





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