A C O P   and Annual plans

Use the following link to SHRA for annual plan:

http://www.shra.org/financial-performance-and-strategic-planning-documents/ Opens a new window, then select "Public Housing Agency Plans and Reports"


March/April 2020

We were going to be conducting a resident survey to file the resident input for Capital Fund Needs. This was to be completed in March and April then submited in May.

We used our personal observations and resident input over the past year and and the as of yet un-implemented recomedations from last year. We believe that we have fulfilled our obligations to SHRA in this manner given the circustances.

See our calendar for meeting dates.
Meetings in March, April, May, and June have been canceled after March 17 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

May 2020

We met with SHRA via Zoom meetings in May to give our Capital Fund input.


July 2020

We will meet with SHRA in July to go over the ACOP changes. A link will be posted for the public comment period.


Questions or comments? Contact us:

Executive Committee email: sacrab@gmail.com

Mailling address:

Sacramento Resident Advisory Board
1725 K Street, # 101
Sacramento, CA 95811

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